Sometimes the right words will escape you...
and that's where I come in.

Whether it be copywriting for your website or next business flyer,
proofreading your report, writing an article, advising how to get your small business online,
or creating fantastic content (with a little extra visual appeal!)

you can rely on me to find the right words... words that will help you and your message stand out!


Making words work for you

Hi! My name is Shell Richter,
and I am the Writer-in-Chief at Words Etc.

I offer a broad range of business & personal writing services and am focused on helping my clients find the right words to share their message and achieve their communication or marketing goals. I complement these core writing services with public relations services, such as content creation, basic graphic design and digital art.

Whether it's writing a website crafting engaging social media content, developing a marketing strategy or updating a document, I always feel honoured when a client chooses me to work for them.

After 15 years working as a copywriter, marketer and project manager in the corporate world I now enjoy life as a freelancer.  And my favourite part of freelancing? The opportunities to grow my skills, and the relationships I get to build with my clients.

My work mantra is: Keep it simple, get it done! I like to keep business interactions straightforward and relaxed but deliver professional work of the highest quality and standard for my clients. I always provide best practice advice to my clients and work to ensure they are completely satisfied with what I create for them. 


By getting to know you, your story and what you need to say, I know my passion for writing, outstanding professional skills and extensive experience will be able to help you (and your message) stand out!

How can I help you?

Whether it be professional or personal, business or pleasure...
the right words (and some fantastic visuals) can make all the difference!



Because words matter.

And if you have something to sell, I can help you find the right words to create and promote an offer that is compelling and irresistible to your ideal clients.


I specialise in business & professional writing, including websites and sales pages, and online & offline communication and marketing materials.

If it can be written,
I can write it for you!

Content Marketing

Because value matters.

And as traditional marketing loses its effectiveness, creating and distributing content that provides value to your current and potential clients and earns their engagement and loyalty is the key to business success.

I specialise in creating and delivering content marketing strategies, including writing editorial articles and blog posts, creating and building online communities, and Social Media Management.

Extras: I'm also pretty nifty with building Wix websites and creating appealing and cohesive graphic design work, often incorporating my own digital art.

Copyediting & Proofreading

Because details matter.

And poor grammar and word choice, typos and spelling errors are a quick way to discredit your brand, and distract or disengage your audience.

No matter the copy, I will ensure your grammar is accurate, your word choice is appropriate and there are no spelling or typographical errors. 


You have a story to tell,
so ensure you tell it well!

Other Services

Because the big picture matters.

Resume Writing

I can help you tell your career story in a professional way to help you stand out! I provide best-practice, ATS compliant resumes and cover letters, specialising in Admin, Nursing, Professional and Trade Roles.

Small Business Consulting

Online marketing can be overwhelming. I can help small business owners understand the online landscape and develop strategies for continued growth.

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