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My name is Shell, and I am the Writer-in-Chief at Words Etc. and Tradie Resumes.

For most of my career, I worked on large-scale infrastructure projects in the energy and transport sectors
as a comms person and project manager. Much of this time was spent wearing hi-vis
and working side-by-side with tradies in dongas on worksites.

So, I get tradies better than most writers.
I also know what HR people are looking for in a job application
and can write a cracking resume.

Find out more about me.


Whether you're a mechanic, chippy or dogger,
I've got you covered.


Current best-practice & ATS compliant.
Professional. Proven to impress.

Cover Letter

Tailored to a specific job or provided as a template for you to use in future.


A Complete Job Application:
A resume and cover letter 
ready to go!

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